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Perfect for hospitals, schools, museums, and libraries.

Children themed donor walls are great for recognition programs that need bright, colorful and inexpensive materials to work with.  Giving levels can be designated by size of the star or balloon. We often put the stars and balloons onto an acrylic "cloud" that is mounted to the wall. When a new donor needs to be added, unscrew two screws and send to us or your local engraver to have updated.

Storytelling Donor Walls for Children

Storytelling Donor Walls are custom gallery walls that tell your story, grab your visitor’s attention and draw them to the display. These stunning art gallery designs successfully cross that bridge between recognizing many donors, and being exciting and fun to look at. We take your history and bring it to life. Your donors tell their story and offer a message for all to see. 

Please call for production times. 

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