Curt Denevan    Owner, Donor Recognition Expert

Curt Denevan

Owner, Donor Recognition Expert

About RCB Awards

RCB provides creative solutions for recognition and promotion to their customers that help to inspire and motivate people to achieve great things. Whether it’s an employee incentive program, donor recognition, or simply a way to honor those who do their very best, we help organizations “Light the torch” of motivation and inspiration. RCB also provides you with the means by which to honor those who shine brightly, no matter the challenge.   

RCB has been in the custom recognition business for 28 years. This breadth of experience and knowledge has been critical in helping our clients find creative solutions to recognizing donors. Our superior quality and attention to detail has made a direct impact on our success.

We understand donor recognition. Whether you are a small congregation in need of posting names of donors to the building fund,  a college or a major foundation supporting dozens of causes with huge budgets, we can help you design the donor recognition that is appropriate.

  • Storytelling Donor Walls
  • Simple Plaques
  • Outdoor Named Building Plaques
  • Full Sized Donor Walls
  • Interactive Video Touch Screen Displays
  • Art Glass Recognition for donors
  • Custom
  • Traditional
  • History Donor Walls
  • Contemporary

RCB Donor Recognition can help with all of this. Share with us your challenges, and we'll share with you solutions. It's what we do, and we're glad to help.  Take a look at a publication from the Association of Fund Raising Professionals, AFP, A Donor Wall Planning Guide (See download center). This will help you with asking the right questions of your team. To get you thinking about "What If", you should look at the video for: Interactive Donor Wall.  We have lots of information about Trends in Donor Recognition, and ideas about Donor Recognition Policy, Standards and Guidelines. Take a look.

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