Motivate, inform, inspire.

Why choose an interactive donor recognition wall? RCB Digital Donor Displays will impress your donors and attract, motivate, inform, and inspire your donors to keep coming back. A good donor recognition wall should be a key component in your marketing campaign. While we certainly can make beautiful traditional donor walls highlighting all of your donors, why not take it to the next level and let your key donors tell their story in their own words?

We can add an interactive flat screen display to your donor wall. Touch screen control buttons can activate the presentation by a donor, who in his own words will explain why the donation was important to him and what the organization was able to do as a result. We use the latest in touch screen technology, so all a visitor has to do is touch the screen by a donor image and the screen will come to life and tell the story. A very strong way to say thanks, and get your marketing message out there. We can also use smaller monitors, in a multiple display, with a monitor for each donor.

A typical aspect of Interactive Donor Recognition is an annual subscription service that is part of the package. The subscription is similar to hosting a website in cost. This ensures that your site is easy and economical to update and add donor names, as well as video and photos. Your imagination is unlimited, so is your donor wall! From consultation, to design, to fabrication, to installation, RCB Donor Recognition is a one stop shop for all your donor recognition needs.

Augustana College

Augustana College: A Legacy of Giving This digital interactive display is uniquely Augustana, designed from the ground up to reflect their mission. Philanthropy is an important part of the college, from new students to alumni. The hardscape is awesome! It has a film on the back of the glass, showing a bucolic scene from campus life. The inside is back lit, so it appears to glow from within. By incorporating elements from the organization's history or current mission into the design and theme of the video, it creates a sense of community with your donors. Think about your objectives in creating the program in the first place, and look at how they form and fit into the final design. Use this to differentiate your digital display from all others.


Rosalind Franklin University


Production lead time for this project is two months.


Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science recently installed a Digital Donor Wall with an integrated hardscape that highlights specific campaigns. The Digital Donor Display at RFU is an excellent example of the hardscape working together with the digital aspect to create a cohesive unified display. The touch screen interactive display is intuitive and easy to use. Videos, photos, donor profiles, and donor lists can be displayed - all of which can be updated by the donor relations department. A dynamic recognition display allows everyone to participate. Additionally, cumulative recognition allows the donor to see and be thanked for his/her entire history of giving.