Outdoor recognition uses appropriate materials to survive the elements of weather for each location in the United States. They can be larger and seen by more people than traditional indoor recognition walls.


Outdoor Donor Trees & Towers

Donor Trees from RCB Donor Recognition have served as gratifying pieces to those who’ve donated their time and/or money to a cause or project. Donor trees offer unique ways of honoring donors of varying pledge values by designating certain parts of the tree based on the amount each contributor has donated. An added benefit of donor trees is that they offer plenty of room for expansion should additional people donate in the future. 

Donor Gardens

Dedicate a park bench, tree or garden area with a plaque made from solid cast bronze or etched in stainless steel or brass. Handcrafted, our durable garden plaques can  display the recipient’s name, who the plaque is from. and a brief dedication statement.

Garden Plaque Example.jpg

Donor Benches

Our Donor Benches have been built with a space for a personalized plate right into the frame of the bench. They are perfect for use in donor recognition benches, as memorials for fallen heroes and any time an outdoor recognition vehicle is needed.

The Sponsor a Bench program is a cost effective way for communities to enhance their public spaces while allowing individuals, groups and organizations to honor and memorialize their loved ones, friends and associates. Those who choose to sponsor a bench or companion piece will pay the cost of the product and the accompanying zinc plaque which can be customized according to the sponsor's specifications.


Donor Rocks

Donor Recognition Rocks with outdoor cast plaques. Great for donor recognition and memorial gardens. Molded from actual boulders found in the mountains, these incredibly realistic rocks are manufactured from cast stone to withstand 9,000 psi of pressure and a variety of climates with minimal maintenance and care.

They are the practical and affordable alternative to the challenge of finding, moving and installing a heavy boulder on which to mount a plaque for dedications and memorials or to honor special events or achievements, donors, outstanding employees and civic groups, and commemorate other occasions.


Exterior Donor Walls

Our unique designs are visually appreciated. Donor walls that are designed as truly one-of-a-kind art displays will give your donors the feeling that their commitment will be noticed and remembered forever.

Made to survive the elements of weather for each location in the United States.


Production times vary. Please call for more information.

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Cast Bronze

Let us help you design your custom cast bronze plaque to commemorate important places, people, or events.  They are perfect for historical buildings, garden or park memorials, tree dedications, donor recognition, bench plaques, landmarks, and much more. Covered by a lifetime warranty, cast bronze plaques offer the highest durability and can withstand any weather.


Production time is 20 days.