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Interior Donor Walls

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Examples of Donor Walls

  Interior Donor Walls
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Interior Donor Walls

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Interior Donor Walls

Donor Walls are commonly used in non profit areas to showcase large numbers of donors. These may be as few as a dozen, or as many as several thousand. Donor recognition is a common component in the stewardship programs of hospitals, university foundations and civic projects. The materials used to make these masterpieces varies all over the place. Wood, glass, lucite and other composite materials are all used depending on the environment and design considerations. We help with design and installation, so that you don't have to worry. 

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Donor Wall - Etched Glass Interior Donor Walls


Donor Wall - Etched Glass

Beautiful etched glass with lighted highlights really makes this donor wall attact attention.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
BG105     $0.00   Add Donor Wall - Etched Glass Donor Wall 5 to Shopping Cart
Donor Wall - Music Donor Program Interior Donor Walls
Donor Wall - Music Donor Program Interior Donor Walls


Donor Wall - Music Donor Program

A sound design in a donor wall.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
BG109     $0.00   Add Donor Wall - Music Donor Program Donor Wall 9 to Shopping Cart
Donor Wall - Paw Wall / Humane Society Interior Donor Walls


Donor Wall - Paw Wall / Humane Society

Paw Wall for Humane Society.

Panels are done in 2 colors of Corian – would need to check for color availability. 

Paws are done in metallic engraving stock with backer. Adds dimension and thickness

Entire wall was 68” wide

Center Panel: 32” round. Principle donor highlighted.

Panels (Left and Right): 23” w x 27” h, each panel will hold up to 42 paws (in 2 sizes)

Number of paws can be adjusted.

Paws were done in 2 sizes, each size having 3 colors – gold, silver and bronze.  This particular customer had 6 different levels of donors to recognize.  We can use fewer colors or make the paws all the same size if you would like.

Paws are attached with double stick tape.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
BG107     $12,500.00   Add Donor Wall - Paw Wall / Humane Society Donor Wall 7 to Shopping Cart
Donor Wall - Wood and Brass Interior Donor Walls
Donor Wall - Wood and Brass Interior Donor Walls


Donor Wall - Wood and Brass

A very traditional style donor wall in a contemporary setting. This use of wood and brass plates allows updates over time.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
BG106     $0.00   Add Donor Wall - Wood and Brass Donor Wall 6 to Shopping Cart
CFNC Donor Wall Interior Donor Walls
CFNC Donor Wall Interior Donor Walls


CFNC Donor Wall

Bright images and colors highlight this donor wall for a school. Overall size is 88" x 70".

Main Donor Display:
Approximately 88" W x 69.25" H
-Main Header consists of hands logo and individual letters of wordmark. Each hand is screen printed on separate piece of clear acrylic, then the two pieces are layered. Concealed mounting.
-ABC acrylic cutouts in Red, Blue and Yellow (black cat) Concealed mounting
-Banner for Tag Line: 38"x7" mounted with standoffs
-Four Photo Panels: 10"x10", 10"x15", 14"x10", 10"x15" mounted with standoffs
-Four smaller donor panels: 14"x14", 10"x14", 10"x14", 10"x10"mounted with standoffs
-Main Donor Panel: 14"x36", mounted with standoffs

A matching display that can be updated annually shows board members. 16" x 29"

Consists of 2 panels.
-Title Plate 16"x7", logo screened, mounted with standoffs
-Name Plaque 16"x20", names screened, mounted with standoffs

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
GS2016     $14,495.00   Add CFNC Donor Wall Donor Display CFNC to Shopping Cart
Donor Table Interior Donor Walls


Donor Table

Recognize donors with a counter-height table! Panels of names are raised from the surface with stand-offs and the top is angled for better viewing. A custom pattern, shown on the right, was laser-cut in each leg to match a design element of the owner's Science Building. Adjustable feet help keep it level.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
2009     $0.00   Add Donor Table Donor Table to Shopping Cart
Teacher of the Year Apple Award Interior Donor Walls


Teacher of the Year Apple Award

Bright images and colors highlight this donor wall for a school.

Acrylic back panel with screened apples supports 31 years worth of Teacher of the Year Recognition. Brass plates are personalized as needed.

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
GS2012     $0.00   Add Teacher of the Year Apple Award Teacher of the Year Award to Shopping Cart
Large Church Pew Plaque  Interior Donor Walls


Large Church Pew Plaque

This large church pew plaque is huge! It really makes a statement. This large custom church pew plaque is perfect to recognize contributions from members. Includes 257 plates, ready to be engraved.  The size is 74” x 56.5”, which is a tad over 6 feet x almost 4 3/4 feet. Perfect to recognize contributors to the capital campaign, memorials and honoring members. Since each large church pew plaque is made to order, it is easy to personalize the plaque as needed: "Honoring" can be the name of the church, a specific ministry or a special namesake.

Price does not include engraving of individual names on plates. 

Prod #   Description   1-9999+
CP-202     $4,260.00   Add Large Church Pew Plaque  Large Church Pew Plaque to Shopping Cart
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