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Interactive Donor Recognition

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Examples of Donor Walls

  Interactive Donor Recognition
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Interactive Donor Recognition

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 Interactive Donor Recognition

A great Digital Donor Display includes a hardscape that draws the viewer into the donor story. This is an example of how it all can tie together:


Walk through the advantages and benefits of a Digital Donor Display.


Why choose an interactive donor recognition wall? RCB Digital Donor Displays will impress your donors and attract, motivate, inform, and inspire your donors to keep coming back. A good donor recognition wall should be a key component in your marketing campaign. While we certainly can make beautiful traditional donor walls highlighting all of your donors, why not take it to the next level and let your key donors tell their story in their own words?

We can add an interactive flat screen display to your donor wall. Touch screen control buttons can activate the presentation by a donor, who in his own words will explain why the donation was important to him and what the organization was able to do as a result. We use the latest in touch screen technology, so all a visitor has to do is touch the screen by a donor image and the screen will come to life and tell the story. A very strong way to say thanks, and get your marketing message out there. We can also use smaller monitors, in a multiple display, with a monitor for each donor.

A typical aspect of Interactive Donor Recognition is an annual subscription service that is part of the package. The subscription is similar to hosting a website in cost. This ensures that your site is easy and economical to update and add donor names, as well as video and photos. Your imagination is unlimited, so is your donor wall! From consultation, to design, to fabrication, to installaion, RCB Donor Recognition is a one stop shop for all your donor recognition needs.

Custom Interactive Digital Donor Display Interactive Donor Recognition
Custom Interactive Digital Donor Display Interactive Donor Recognition Custom Interactive Digital Donor Display Interactive Donor Recognition


Custom Interactive Digital Donor Display

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science recently installed a Digital Donor Wall with an integrated hardscape that highlights specific campaigns. The Digital Donor Display at Rosalind Franklin University is an excellent example of the hardscape working together with the digital aspect to create a cohesive unified display. The touch screen interactive display is very intuitive and easy to use as the viewer is guided through the information. Videos can be displayed, photos, donor profiles and donor lists. All of which can be updated by the donor relations department.

A dynamic recognition display allows everyone to participate. Additionally, cumulative recognition allows the donor to see and be thanked for his/her entire history of giving, and not just a brief "snapshot" of the donors generocity.

Rosalind Franklin Digital Donor Wall

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Custom Interactive Donor Recognition Wall Augustana College Interactive Donor Recognition


Custom Interactive Donor Recognition Wall Augustana College

Augustana College: A Legacy of Giving This digital interactive display is uniquly Augustana, designed from the ground up to reflect their mission. Philanthropy is an important part of the college, from new students to alumni. The hardscape is awesome! It has a film on the back of the glass, showing a bucolic scene from campus life. The overall display is 12' long. The inside is back lit, so it appears to glow from within.

The interactive panel is 55" across, so you can see it from across the lobby. It is huge. It is a touch screen monitor that uses a professional version, so it is built to run 24/7 and long outlast any traditional television monitor. The administrator can update the file herself once she has the DVD of the video, or an excel spreadsheet of annual donor lists. It is really simple to update donors.

There are 25 menu options, and 30 donor profiles. A college quiz, weather and donor relations calendar are all part of the system. A second unit, using the same database as the first, is being installed as well.

A viewer walking by may see a static screen or scrolling marquee, inviting them to touch the screen to bring out the story that the donors have to tell. Once selected, the donor begins a short video telling in his own words why he/she made a donation to the college and what it meant to him and his family. These videos can be of any length, but most are 2-3 minutes long. The college can select the top donors to highlight. If you have a donor who you can not film, a good video company can create still photos and voice overs to tell the story. In all cases, the heartfelt story told by the donor is a pretty strong pull. It makes the display a focal point to draw in viewers to ever changing information, photos and video. The location should be a prime spot with high traffic, great prominence and visibility.

By incorporating elements from the organization's history or current mission into the design and theme of the video, it creates a sense of community with your donors. Think about your objectives in creating the program in the first place, and look at how they form and fit into the final design. Use this to differentiate your digital display from all others.

A dynamic recognition display allows everyone to participate. Additionally, cumulative recognition allows the donor to see and be thanked for his/her entire history of giving, and not just a brief "snapshot" of the donors generocity.

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Digital Donor Display Interactive Donor Recognition


Digital Donor Display

The Convent Avenue Baptist Church digital display is a custom donor recognition display that offers 5 main menus, 6 major donor profiles, videos of philanthropy in action and information on the capital campaign. Ongoing recognition needs are easily updated by the church staff. By highlighting major donors and letting them tell their story in their own words, it becomes a powerful tool for marketing the needs of the organization. The display is 42 in size, allowing great viewing without being too large and over whelming. The touch screen display is designed to run 24/7 and is professional grade. The digital donor display is actually two displays located in the building, using a shared database. The software is all written custom for this customer. There is no other display like theirs! For more information, see video:

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FSU Alumni Center Interactive Donor Recognition


FSU Alumni Center

FSU Alumni Center

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Windswept Custom Tree of Life Interactive Donor Recognition


Windswept Custom Tree of Life

This windswept custom tree of life is a great way to set your donor wall apart from the rest of pack. It features 175 leaves in gold, silver and bronze, 10 corian rocks for major donors, and a plaque off to the side with a legend. The base of the tree explains what the donations are used for. The overall size is 143" x 80". The tree is made of wood with a cherry finish. Not included with the hardscape is an interactive touch screen monitor. 40" x 26". Each leaf is 4.75" x 2".

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R18079 RCB TREE      
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