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Donor Walls are are a key element in a major campaign. They can be made of wood, acrylic, coryian, glass, marble and a host of other materials.

They are usually designed to be either closed or open. If it is a one time campaign with a finite ending date to solicit funds, it is a closed design and once installed, names are not added. If it is an ongoing campaign, one that continuously seeks donations going far into the future, then the donor wall is designed to accomodate a large number of additional names.

Donor Walls are usually very custom in nature, and can take on a storytelling role with our unique Storytelling Donor Walls.These dioramas tell a donor's story, or the history of an organization, with 3-D images and photos. They are stunning in creativity and sure to grab the attention of anyone walking by.

Tree of Life is an additional consideration. This allows a number of leaves for each tree, from 24 to several hundred. CHECK OUT OUR HUGE SALE ON DONOR TREES!!!

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Storytelling Donor Wall

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Donor Trees | Tree of Life

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Interactive Digital Donor Displays

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Interior Donor Walls

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Outdoor Donor Walls

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